About Quehanna Candles


Making a great candle is not as simple as sticking any old wick into any old wax into any old jar.

No, great candles are a product of trial and error and many, many, many hours of testing.

Sherry's Candle Shop, my first endeavor, did a brisk business from 1998 until 2001.


My first "recipe" was paraffin based, as that was all that was available to candle makers at the time. Soy flakes were just a whisper of an idea when I stopped making candles in 2001, due to kids and commitments and a full-time job.

​I missed making candles though, so when life settled down a bit, I got busy. In November of 2016, the first sample bags of soy flakes, wicks, and fragrances arrived at my house. (Paraffin candles were passé by then and rightly so.)

Clean, well-scented candles that burned evenly across the top were a priority. Phthalate-free and CA Prop 65 compliant fragrance oils were a must. For the better part of two years, I placed every wick into every wax into every jar in order to find the perfect candle formulation.


In late 2018, The Quehanna Candle Company was born in the heart of Pennsylvania's elk country.  I hope you enjoy burning my candles as much as I enjoy creating them for you.

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